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Virtual School Assemblies 


  • We forward secure ZOOM Links prior to show

  • Moderated and controlled by your administration

  • Students can participate from their desks in class OR from home' (hybrid learning)

  • Student interaction and participation

  • One size fits all pricing (no limit on audience per school*)

  • This is a LIVE two-way performance exclusively tailored to your school!

  • We perform anywhere in the world at any time!

  • Essentially a "class trip" without the buses.  A field trip that comes to school!

   *Based on streaming platform allowances




Benefits of Online Learning through a School Assembly

Since the pandemic, virtual learning has become increasingly popular through necessity. Additionally, technology has made it more accessible, convenient and enjoyable. For elementary school students, online learning can offer a number of benefits, including a more flexible schedule and greater control over the learning environment.


One of the most significant advantages of "online learning" or hosting a virtual school assembly for k-5th grade students is the flexibility it provides. Schools can book virtual assemblies on their own schedule, which can be a great benefit for those schools with packed student calendars. In addition, online learning can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, so students can learn even when they’re not close to city centers where "live" performers typically serve the student populations.


Another big advantage of a virtual field trip is the ability to create a personalized learning environment. In a physical school assembly venue (i.e. an auditorium), there can be distractions that make it difficult for some students to focus. With virtual assembly programs, teachers can better control the performance environment and eliminate distractions so students can focus better on the material.

Your school might be the perfect candidate for a virtual school assembly. Contact SchoolAssemblies today for complete program information!

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