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"It's very challenging to keep 300+ children (ages 5-10) attention, but you know how to do it! Not only did they have fun, but they learned about different cultures at the same time!"
Wendy Pinieki, Colgate P.T.A., Baltimore, MD
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(When you've run out of Christmas Assembly Ideas)

A Multicultural Education Extravaganza!  We Bring SNOW to every show!

Winter is a glorious time of year. We think of family, celebrations, holidays,and the joy of music! Why not welcome the holidays in with a rousing, interactive and entertaining multicultural school assembly?

Our holiday-themed show, Christmahanukwanzamadan, covers all that...and much more! This multimedia-filled, magical tour of music from several holidays presents your kids with a reminder that the world is so much bigger than our own backyard, introducing them to cultures from all over the world.  


The program is presented in a sing-along, concert style with song lyrics projected on an oversized video screen. During this truly multicultural education show,  your students will be introduced to different customs, historical figures, cultures and music associated with several winter holidays.


A unique Christmas assembly idea is hard to come by.  So much more than a  caroling sing-along, Christmahanukwanzamadan will leave your kids energized, enlightened & ready for the holidays!


And ...we'll magically make it snow right inside your school!!!

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The following essentials are introduced:

• A perfect mood setter for the holidays


· A totally inclusive, multicultural education experience.


• Demonstrates how the holidays fit into American history.


• Interesting "factoids" introduced.


• Overview of various holidays from a secular perspective.


• Complete participation throughout 100% of show .

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