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A Character Building | Hip Hop School Assembly Your Students Will LOVE!

An interactive assembly featuring the Pillars of Character Building.

What are the Pillars of Character?

1. Responsibility 

2. Fairness 

3. Trustworthiness 

4. Caring

5. Respect. 

These characteristics are typically tough to find in our elementary schools!  Well... that's about to change!



Hip Hop dance star, Reggie Williams brings these important and sometimes overlooked qualities to the attention of your students in one of the wildest, craziest, most entertaining and memorable school assemblies of the year.  Using his time tested dance instruction combined with strategically placed discussion about the importance of being kind and good to each other is the basis for this unique school assembly program. 


Kids love it, teachers love it and parents love it.  This school assembly is a show that gives and gives throughout the year. 

"The show was great. All teachers and students loved it!! Even the principal told me she thought it was great!"
Anthi Kesoglou
Smith School P.T.O., Hillside, NJ

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The following character building essentials are introduced:


• Students who learn to work together and help each other will flourish.


.• Respect your peers, your teachers, your parents and most importantly...yourself.


• The importance of participation (in the show and in life)


• The importance of giving 100% regardless of the outcome.


• The importance of trying things that might be out of the comfort zone.


• The effectiveness of learning through music and movement.




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