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Looking For an Assembly on Anti Bullying that's Interactive and Fun?

Stand Up, Step In, STOP BULLYING!
(Length approx. 50 min)
Bullying Ideas | Anti Bullying Ideas

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Utilizing massive amounts of audience participation, this assembly on anti-bullying will take your kids through a multi-media spectacular show which includes music, movement, virtual characters, dance, interactive game shows and a generous helping of fun!



Using humor and participation and a high-tech virtual character named Cozmo, this assembly will entertain and engage your kids and teach them how to identify the players in a bullying episode and more importantly how they should deal with it. 

"Absolutely the best assembly our school has ever had. David gets kids! He can relate to them like I've never seen anyone do. I can't say enough. The show was PERFECT!"

- PS 174, Rego Park, NY

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As teachers and parents well know, elementary school is a time when children are just starting to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. Unfortunately, it can also be a time when bullying begins.  Bullies target kids who seem different or who they think are easy to pick on.  Victims of bullying can suffer from social isolation, anxiety, and depression. They may also start skipping school or performing poorly in class.  That's why it's so important for elementary schools to offer anti bullying ideas.   By teaching kids about what bullying is and how to stand up to it, we can help put an end to this cycle of violence.


We can also empower bystanders to become friends and allies to those who are being bullied.

How do we do this?  There are a few things elementary school students, parents, and teachers can do to empower bystanders. First, it's important to make it clear that bullying is not tolerated. This sends the message that everyone has a responsibility to stand up to bullies. Second, through our assembly, give students bystander training. This can help kids feel more confident about stepping in. By standing up to bullies sends the message that no one is alone and that everyone deserves respect.

 When it comes to bullying, everyone has a role to play in making sure our elementary schools are safe and supportive places for all students.  An assembly on anti bullying like STAND UP, STEP IN, is a great starting point for these important discussions.

Why Do We Need Anti Bullying Assembly?

What's Covered in Our Assembly on Anti Bullying


  • Recognizing the Bully


• Strategies for Establishing Anti Bullying Ideas


• How it feels to be a victim


• The differences between teasing and bullying


• The importance of the bystander


• Standing up for yourself by being assertive


• How to avoid the “Bystander to Bully” syndrome


• Difference between "telling" and "tattling"

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