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The Secret World of Robots 

ROBOT – The mere mention of the word engages, enthralls, entices and excites children of all ages.  In order to meet the 21st century challenge of an emphasis on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math),  the  three-time Parents’ Choice Award-winning team at SchoolAssemblies Brands has created a fantastic new STEM Education School Assembly for elementary school students entitled BOT! – The Secret World of Robots.

robotics for kids robot

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. It is an interdisciplinary approach that helps students succeed in college and in their future careers. The focus of a STEM education is hands-on, problem-based learning.  STEAM Education adds the discipline of "Arts" to the STEM education acronym.

This wholly unique science assembly for schools is the perfect combination of entertainment and education rarely found in STEM assembly ideas.   In keeping with SchoolAssemblies' slogan, “No Boring Assemblies!”  BOT! is chock full of audience participation, humor and a delivers curriculum-based information on robotics for kids  in a fun and interesting way.

The show’s co-star is a “wacky” virtual character named Cozmo who leads David and the students on a high-tech adventure through the exciting world of Robotics.  This high-energy science school assembly is rich in multimedia content and offers live, hands-on demonstrations of real live robots currently in everyday use.


Kids love a robot!  That’s why we created the show that features robotics for kids.  It’s fun, funny, it’s exciting and high tech, it’s participation, it’s…ROBOTS!!

Each Performance Offers:


Audience Participation

Robotic Demonstrations

Drone Flight

Interactive Virtual Characters

Interactive Game Show

Multi-Media Projection

High Energy, Humor and Fun!

Ideas for a Science Fair

Speaking of stem activities students love… elementary science fairs provide an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned and demonstrate their understanding of STEM concepts. By incorporating easy STEM activities into the elementary curriculum, and allowing students to explore their interests and present their findings to their peers,  teachers will provide their students with a foundation in STEM education.   A BOT! THE SECRET WORLD OF ROBOTS! elementary science assembly for schools is a great choice when looking for an idea for your science fair!

Elementary students are curious about the world around them.  By providing easy STEM activities for elementary students through school science assemblies like BOT! THE SECRET WORLD OF ROBOTS!  Schools facilitate and encourage young students’ natural curiosity, introduce real-world concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math and prepare them for success in the future.

Why STEM? Why Now?

- Target Audience: Elementary students known for their short attention spans and resistance to new experiences.
- Assembly Theme: Robotics - A fun, interactive assembly designed to captivate young minds.
- Primary Objective: To ignite natural curiosity among elementary students in the realms of science and technology.
- Engagement Strategy: Provides numerous opportunities for students to actively participate and explore deeper into elementary science and technology.
- Educational Benefit: Aids teachers in fostering new learning experiences and creating STEM activities that are both enjoyable and educational for elementary students.

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