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Launch of Project STEMSTART!

Hello STEM Ecosystemites!

My company, is one of the country's leading providers of curriculum-based school assemblies.  We are proud and excited to announce our new initiative, PROJECT STEMSTART which will bring live, STEM-centric performances to schools that would not typically be able to afford them.    Under the PROJECT STEMSTART banner we will be DONATING a very limited number of our programs to underserved and underfunded elementary schools in the Philadelphia area.

The free 50-minute multimedia interactive assembly is entitled, BOT! THE SECRET WORLD OF ROBOTS and is designed to introduce students from kindergarten through 5th/6th grade to the world of STEAM.

See complete show description here:

BOT! The Secret World of Robots


Who is NOT eligible for a FREE assembly?

*Schools with active home & school/PTO groups that have the means to pay for programs.  

*Schools with budgets or grants available for a paid assembly.

*Schools outside of our service area

If you are affiliated with a school that would benefit from this offer, please fill out the quick and easy application below.

Project  STEMSTART Application
How did you hear about us?
My school is a Title I school
My school hosted a paid assembly during 2022-2023

Thanks for applying!
We’ll be in touch!

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