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The Science In Teaching or the Teaching of Science? 5 Simple Ideas That Will Work for You!

Updated: Mar 24

Simple yet effective Ideas for elementary school teachers who want to include science in their teaching curriculum.

Science is all around us and scientists are constantly discovering new things about the world we live in. Why not use these discoveries to help teach our elementary school students? In this blog post, we will discuss 5 scientific ideas that elementary teachers can use to teach their students better. These ideas are fun and engaging, and will help your students learn more about science!

1: Use Everyday Objects to Teach Science Concepts

science in teaching

You can use everyday objects to teach your students about science concepts! For example, you can use a piece of fruit to teach them about the parts of a plant. Cut the fruit in half and explain how the seeds are inside the fruit, and how they grow into new plants. You can also use a glass of water to teach your students about the water cycle. Show them how the water evaporates from the glass, rises into the air, and then falls back down as rain. Explain how this cycle repeats itself over and over again.

2: Take your Students on a Field Trip

Field trips are a great way to get your students excited about science. And this one will be in an actual Field! Visit a local park or nature reserve, and have your students collect leaves, flowers, and other plant specimens.

Take a nature walk and point out different plants and animals, and explain how they live and interact with their environment. You can also have your students collect leaves or berries, and then identify them when you get back to the classroom. This is a great way to teach your students about utilizing real-life scientific methods!

3: Use songs and rhymes to teach science concepts

For kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd graders, songs and rhymes are a great way to teach science concepts. There are already many songs and rhymes about animals, plants, and the environment. You can use these songs and rhymes to teach your students about the different science concepts. Or, you can be creative such as using a song like, “The Wheels on the Bus” to teach your students about the parts of a plant. The wheels represent the roots, and the bus represents the stem. The passengers on the bus are the leaves, and they absorb sunlight to make food for the plant. You're creating your own Schoolhouse Rock for Science! You'd be amazed how musical tips and tricks like these literally stay with students for a lifetime!

4: A Science or STEM School Assembly

science in teaching stem education

School assembly programs are a great way to reinforce curriculum-based learning in any subject, but especially for science in teaching. Kids (and teachers) love hands-on STEM workshops or elementary school assemblies which gives students a close-up look at real-world examples of science and technology and how it impacts their lives every hour of every single day! Try to find highly interactive stem programs that will engage your students and instill a newfound excitement and curiosity for the subject matter you're teaching. Elementary Kids love a school assembly!

5: Read books about Science

Books are a great way to teach your students about science. There are many books available that explain different science concepts in an easy-to-understand way. You can use these books to supplement your lessons, or you can use them as the basis for your lessons. Either way, try it the old-fashioned way! Your students will learn a lot about science from these books!

We hope you enjoyed these five ideas that explore the science in teaching elementary school students about...well -- Science! Do you have any other ideas? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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