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BOT! The Secret World of Robots school assembly premieres in PA and NJ!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

So thrilled to have finished my first week of school assemblies doing my BOT! The Secret World of Robots school assembly in Edison, NJ and Rydal, PA. (Ironically, the first working robot was actually put into use by an auto manufacturer in Edison, NJ in 1954!)

It was obvious that both kids and teachers loved the show and they'll be able utilize the lessons taught through this school assembly in their class curriculum.

Here is a two-minute demo of the assembly that shows the audience participation, some different robots and (most importantly) the kids having fun!

In developing this show, I've found that k-5 or k-6 lesson plans for Science and lesson plans for Math for don't always keep the kids interested. Through this STEM school assembly ( or more specifically -- this STEAM school assembly), we've found the perfect blend of Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Mathematics and Entertainment! BOT! helps k-5 students see how all of these BIG subjects can fit into their world.

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