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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE announces the launch of a new and exciting STEM/STEAM school assembly program. BOT! – The Secret World of Robots will meet the needs of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) elementary education directives currently being implemented across the nation.

Three-time Parents’ Choice Award-winning performer/creator, David Jack says “United States students currently rank 35th in the world in math and science which is really unacceptable. It’s time that someone presents these core subjects to kids in a way that will excite and entice them to not only get better grades, but pursue these fields as life-long careers!”

After researching school assemblies currently available in PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, CT and MA, Mr. Jack found that most of these so-called STEM shows were simply magic shows disguised as science shows. “Our research showed that whenever the word ROBOT was mentioned, the kids’ interest level peaked. We decided to take advantage of that and create a robot school assembly that was fun, interesting and presented STEM education in an exciting way.”

School Assembly Virtual Host - Cozmo!

This school assembly also incorporates a one-of-a-kind character named Cozmo. Cozmo is our “virtual sidekick” who, along with our energetic presenters, take the kids on this unforgettable STEM education journey. The school assembly introduces math and engineering concepts through robotic programming and science via the NASA’s Mars Rover program. Incorporating exciting multimedia components, it demonstrates how the police and military use technology and robots to make our lives better. “Participation is key in every school assembly that we present” says Jack. Of course, BOT! – The Secret World of Robots also includes several live demonstration of actual robots in this new school assembly.

“We’ve set a goal to create an entertainment show unlike anything currently on the market. This assembly revolves solely around robots and syncs perfectly with STEM education.” Jack adds, “It is our hope that this show will inspire kids and teachers to dive into their STEM curriculum with a renewed energy and inspire a new generation of young minds for the 21st century and beyond.” The BOT! – The Secret World of Robots school assembly is appropriate for elementary school students in grades Kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade. (k-6th) is one of the leading presenters of school assemblies in the country. Its founder, David Jack is a nationally recognized performer who has performed at The White House twice and has appeared on TV shows such as NBC’s TODAY program. Besides being a featured presenter at educational conferences around the United States, he is probably best known for his eleven years of performing at Sesame Place, the only theme park in the US based on the popular Sesame Street program.

stem education school assembly robot

For affordable STEM education programs for elementary schools, contact us using the form below.!

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