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The Next Big Thing in Virtual Field Trips!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

For three months families stayed at home watching TV , playing games and being bored. How many times did your kids say, “there’s nothing to do!” What exactly IS the next big thing in Virtual Field Trips? What exactly IS a virtual field trip anyway? As we try to get back to “normal” and get kids in the classroom, parents, teachers, and principals continue to look for ways to mix things up and brighten up the elementary school day. In essence bring back some normalcy to life. It used to be a school assembly that would do the trick! I’ve heard in the past from many a teacher or home and school Association parent saying, “the kids are really looking forward to the show!” They are still really looking forward to the show, but how do we get the show to them? We can't put the kids on buses anymore, museums are essentially closed, it has really become a tough question to answer.

A virtual field trip for kids has for years been a dream of mine but until now the technology has not been widespread or uniform enough where kids at home or kids in the classroom could join in and experience everything that our elementary assemblies had to offer. This quarantine was not only a wakeup call for the technologically challenged around the world, but it became a necessity and an integral part of our daily lives. Zoom calls with grandparents, and out of town families. Zoom calls with the doctor. Working virtually from home has become the new normal and many in the workforce have even taken steps to move out of cities because they will not need to go into office buildings anymore! The entire world has gone through this technological revolution in the past few months and naturally, our kids are on the leading edge of the virtual learning revolution.

At SchoolAssemblies.Net our virtual school assemblies capture the excitement, the imagination, the participation , the education of a live-and-in-person performance. Our anti bullying assembly, STAND UP, STEP IN, STOP BULLYING integrates virtual games , virtual characters, interaction between classmates and the presenter and bridges the vast divide between the assemblies of the past and the virtual field trips for kids of the future. This method of presenting also appeals across a wide age range of students. Even though they’re brand new to school, the virtual field trip for kindergarten eases new students into their new social situation and engages the young student as well as the “seasoned” older kids all the way up to 5th grade or 6th grade.

We are now forging ahead into this school year and things seem to be working out pretty well for elementary schools in most parts of the country. This is not to say that elementary schools and those that inhabit them should always remain vigilant and on guard for health hazards, but just like they always do, teachers and administrations are adapting and recognizing ways to mitigate the problems as they come up. Having said all that, elementary school is a different world today than it was yesterday. The kids are moving as pods or small groups of friends and they create their own bubble doing this. There are no more crowded recesses. There are no more noisy lunchrooms with kids packed shoulder to shoulder as they eat their peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and we’re not sure when those situations will return, but we hope – that they return soon.

If you are interested in bringing our virtual field trip to your school, please visit SchoolAssemblies.Net for program and booking info.

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