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School Assemblies Are Safe Again! – Virtual Learning Made Fun!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

“Toto – We’re not in Kansas anymore” Truer words have never been spoken. Virtual learning has become "a thing" and we have come to the end of year that has turned lives upside down. Finally, now that elementary school learning has slowly started to come back INTO the elementary school. The days of school assemblies as we once knew it are probably gone for a while. But read on….all is not lost!

Parents, teachers and PTA officials are still always on the look out for ways to “bring the excitement” into the kindergarten through 6th grade elementary schools, but even as things begin to normalize, need to be careful doing so. Schoolassemblies.Net and its founder, Parent’s Choice Award-winning performer David Jack has figured out how to make virtual lessons and virtual learning, fun, participatory and educational in the new Zoom or Google Meet environment that our schools are looking to utilize more robustly.

“We were forced to rethink everything! How to bring a STEM school assembly that brought participation, interaction, humor and demonstrations into this new “medium” of streaming. I believe we’ve been wildly successful accomplishing this with the virtual assembly BOT! The Secret World of Robots”. From what I’ve seen from the competition who are basically selling pre-recorded youtube videos, our live shows are just that – LIVE and A-LIVE! Entertaining and unique virtual learning that accomplishes everything that could be accomplished in a live setting but keeping the students and teachers out of a crowded multipurpose room.”

The show translates to either students at home or in school classes and still encourages full audience participation and is unique to each and every school.

To date, online learning has been the “talking head” holding up items to a camera like “show and tell.” . BOT! The Secret World of Robots” is fun, funny, includes high television production values (multiple cameras) video segments, animated segments, participation, virtual characters, and of course, live robot demonstrations.

For booking, demo videos and information, please visit

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