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Virtual Learning Highlights Virtual Anti-Bullying School Assemblies for Schools’ Week of Respect

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Week of Respect Ideas

Ideas for School Assemblies during these uncertain times have required ingenuity, fluidity, creativity and flexibility! As we roll into another annual Week of Respect at schools around the country, this week is strikingly different. Instead of full lunchrooms and crowded playgrounds, the swing sets around the country remain largely empty. With most of the learning taking place online, the school assembly has adapted to serve the needs of the students who hunger for something different. Something that is not boring! owner and school assembly idea man, David jack has offered up a few choices to make virtual elementary assemblies during The “Week of Respect” exciting and a welcome change of pace for students in kindergarten through 5th or 6th grades.

We are hearing of companies around the country that are selling videos over YouTube or Vimeo that are passive and ask elementary age kids to watch from the comfort of their living room. We wanted and NEEDED to do something different. At School Assemblies. Net we’ve always prided our live shows on the fun and interaction the students get during the performance. If I couldn’t promise that, I’d wait on the sidelines until I could be back in schools. Fortunately, we’ve worked really hard to put together a virtual show that is as good as our live performance and gives elementary-aged assembly viewers the same fun, interactive experience they’d get in school! Anti Bullying, Character Building and more!

Teachers are amazed at the way we’ve figured out how to involve the kids through Zoom and other conferencing platforms. I have the kids waving, making signs, interacting with game shows…even dancing! Our STAND UP, STEP IN, STOP BULLYING show has been especially in demand because schools are now getting their footing with virtual learning and are looking for easy ways to SUPERCHARGE the curriculum.

Week of Respect has always been a busy time for school assemblies. Now with Virtual School Assemblies, we can perform around the block, or around the world. For the same price!

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