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Virtual School Assembly Ideas for your Elementary School -- The New Normal

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Is Your Elementary School a Candidate For Virtual School Assemblies?

If you are looking for a change of pace and feel a virtual school assembly may do the trick for your k-6 students, you are not alone. We find ourselves in extraordinary times and as kids go back to school, in reality, they are not actually going back to school! Instead, they are in their bedroom, or a living room, or a den and interacting with their teachers and fellow k-5 elementary students from home. At the end of the last school year, working from home was almost a novelty. It was so unusual, that kids and their parents often didn't bother to check in with teachers or didn't take the school day seriously. This year things are completely different. Teachers are taking role and students are expected to be online for the full school day. This is putting added pressure on both parents and teachers. Finding new ways to engage kids is becoming a primary concern for educators.

Enter the virtual school assembly program. SchoolAssemblies owner and performer, David Jack says fun and interactive assemblies have been our bread and butter for more than 20 years! We are not going to let any pandemic change that! An Elementary schools virtual assembly ideas must remain fun, fast-paced, upbeat and interesting. Interactive fun virtual assemblies utilize technology that we've already integrated into our live-performer school assemblies, so doing things virtually is not that much of a stretch for us.

Rural Areas

Rural elementary schools often have a hard time accessing quality educational programming. Even if there are great resources available, it can be tough to get them to rural areas. This is where virtual assemblies come in handy. By using the internet, rural elementary schools can connect with quality programming from anywhere in the world. Plus, virtual assemblies are interactive, so kids can actively participate and learn from them. This makes them a great way to supplement a rural elementary school's curriculum. And best of all, they're affordable! So if your rural elementary school is looking for quality educational programming, consider virtual assemblies.

Beware Pre-Recorded!

Beware of companies selling pre-recorded videos as a virtual assembly, -- that's not what we do nor is it in the best interest of students. You might as well rent a movie and save yourself a bunch of money. Our STEM virtual assembly, specifically BOT! - The Secret World of ROBOTS!

uses interactive virtual characters, ROBOT DEMONSTRATIONS, music and game shows, all wrapped up into a worthwhile, very topical interactive virtual assembly.


Humor also plays a big part in our virtual elementary assemblies using Cozmo, a wise-cracking digital character that chimes in throughout the show. There are many choices out there for schools but not many can do the heavy lifting that gives the students the feeling that they are getting something out of the school day that is not typical or readily accessible to the public. “We are essentially a virtual field trip that engages the students in place!”


Whether it's a live k-5 school assembly or a virtual primary school assembly, SchoolAssemblies delivers fun, interactive, live, educational, programs that kids, teachers, parents, principals and administrators will find worthwhile and satisfying.

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