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STEM & Science Classes for elementary students in Brooklyn

Brooklyn and East NYC has quickly become the latest area to discover the benefits of robotics classes for elementary students.  SchoolAssemblies sm brings the learning to you!

Brooklyn elementary schools are using a variety of methods to teach robotics to their students. Some schools are using after-school programs, while others are incorporating robotics into the regular curriculum. No matter what method is used, the goal is the same: to give Brooklyn's youth a chance to learn about and experience this exciting field.


After-school programs are a great way for students to get introduced to robotics. These programs often meet once or twice a week, and they typically last for an hour or two. During these sessions, students learn about the basics of robotics and how to build simple robots. They also have the opportunity to take part in competitions and challenges.  Additionally, as referenced above, SchoolAssemblies sm, the nations leading provider of school assemblies regularly performs their BOT! The Secret World of Robots program across Brooklyn and the five NYC boroughs.

The New York City Department of Education is committed to providing all students with a well-rounded education and has even issued a directive that every elementary school in Brooklyn should have a robotics program.


Incorporating robotics into the regular curriculum is another popular method that Brooklyn elementary schools are using. This approach gives all students the chance to learn about robotics, regardless of their after-school schedules. Schools that take this approach typically have dedicated robotics classes for elementary students. In these classes, students learn about the history of robotics, different types of robots, and how to design and build their own robots.

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Robotics classes for elementary students

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