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Anti Bullying Week School assemblies available near New Haven, CT

Elementary schools deliver 1st through 5th graders information that carry "life lessons" during national anti bullying week in Connecticut

Connecticut's goal of this campaign is to help these young students feel safe and supported in their educational environment, but the benefits of this week-long event can last long after the final bell rings. Students who feel empowered to speak up against bullies, are more likely to continue to do so throughout their lives. This can lead to a decrease in bullying behaviors not just in schools, but also in workplaces and other social settings. In addition, students who participate in anti-bullying programs and are presented with school assembly shows such as SchoolAssemblies sm,

STAND UP, STEP IN, STOP BULLYING! are more likely to have positive relationships with their peers and adults. These strong social bonds can provide support during difficult times and can help students succeed both academically and emotionally.

So, while anti-bullying week may seem like just another event on the CT school calendar, its effects can be far-reaching and long-lasting. By teaching students about the importance of respect and kindness, we can help create a generation of adults who are more likely to stand up to bullies and make the world a safer, more supportive place for everyone.

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Chester Elementary School



School in Chester, Connecticut

Address: 23 Ridge Rd, Chester, CT 06412

Phone: (860) 526-5797

DistrictChester School District

anti bullying week

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We present school assemblies and school shows in cities near Hartford too! (If your city isn't listed -- don't worry! We come there!)  Drop us a line!

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