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Anti-Bullying Campaign begins in Virginia

A sampling of  fun and interactive school assemblies near potomac falls VA 

All VA elementary schools have been directed to implement their own unique anti-bullying campaign 

Bullying is a pervasive problem in elementary schools, and Virginia elementary schools are no exception. However, thanks to the hard work of teachers, administrators, and parents, there are specific strategies being implemented to mitigate school bullying.  These strategies range from training staff members on how to deal with bullying incidents, to holding assemblies such as SchoolAssemblies sm STAND UP, STEP IN, STOP BULLYING! that discuss the effects of bullying, as well as to providing counseling for victims of bullying.

Many ask if more can be done at the state level? The answer is a campaign for these strategies to be put into place in every school. The Virginia state government has an important role to play in the fight against bullying in elementary schools. In 2015, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law (the Bullying Prevention Act) that requires every public elementary school in the state to have a bullying prevention policy in place. The Bullying Prevention Act defines bullying as "repeated aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally inflicts harm or discomfort on another person." It also includes cyberbullying, which is bullying that takes place online or through text messages. The law requires schools to investigate any incidents of bullying and take appropriate disciplinary action. If a student is found to have bullied another student, he or she can be suspended from school for up to 10 days. The law also allows schools to recommend expulsion for students who engage in severe or persistent bullying. it is essential that administrators, teachers, and parents work together to implement their school's own anti-bullying campaign. It is now possible to make Virginia elementary schools a model for other schools throughout the state and country.

Anti-Bullying assembly! Stand-Up, Step In!


Our Lady Of Hope Catholic School
46633 Algonkian Parkway Potomac Falls, VA 20165

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anti-bullying campaign

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