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4 Great Ideas for Christmas Activities at School | K through 6th

(This is an up-to-date version of a previous post)

As the leaves turn beautiful colors of reds, oranges, and yellows, we say goodbye to summer and look forward to Fall. The days of Fall bring pumpkin patches, hay rides, and cooler temperatures. I enjoy the crispness of the air and going apple picking and decorating the house for Halloween. The stress of planning Christmas activities at school has been in your rearview mirror for nearly a year!

And before we know it, winter is here and it's time to think about the fun, exciting, and festive holidays of winter. Winter has always been a favorite time of year bringing friends and families together for celebrations, good food and creating life-long memories. Parents of elementary school-aged kids are always looking for new holiday and activities for elementary school-aged kids.

Whether you're an involved parent, a teacher, or even a school principal, at SchoolAssemblies we're always looking for ways to make your school life easier and more creative. Here are a few Christmas activities for students that might work for you!

1. Christmas Cup Tower STEM Challenge: Build a Tree!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is a focus of many elementary school curriculums. Why not incorporate STEM education into Christmas activities at school? Kids love to use their imagination and build towers, castles, roads, and anything else that they can invent. In addition to having fu,n they use their fine motor and gross motor skills to conceive their ideas.

Christmas Activities for School 1

Did you ever think of using everyday household drinking cups to create towers? We found a fun site that shows you how to build a Christmas tree from cups and incorporate STEM Education into your holiday activities!

2. A Christmas Tree Balancing Activity

Do your students enjoy gymnastics? We should always offer our children activities in which they show interest. Kids especially like to tumble and climb and practice balancing. Balancing is an excellent form of exercise to help with large motor skills. Below is a way to incorporate holiday and Christmas ideas for kids with balancing activities.

Christmas Activities for School

Wouldn't it be fun to create an indoor Christmas tree balancing course for your child? It only takes some painters tape and some imagination. Check out this site to find out exactly how this fun and interactive holiday activity!

3. DIY Bird Seed Ornaments

As any nature lover knows, winter can be a tough time for birds. With food sources scarce, many birds rely on birdfeed to make it through the cold months. That's why it's so important to teach kids why we need to keep the birdfeed accessible during the winter. Not only does it provide them with a much-needed source of food, but it also helps them stay warm. The birdseed in the feeder acts as insulation, and the feathers of the birds help to trap heat, making it easier for them to survive the cold weather. By making these practical bird seed ornaments, students are not only helping the birds, but we're also teaching kids the importance of taking care of our feathered friends. During the holiday season we try to teach children about giving to others. This includes the animals that search for food before they hibernate. Aside from throwing bread crumbs on the ground we thought it would be fun to make some hanging ornaments for the birds and squirrels.

Click on the video above to see how easy it is to teach your kids how to be "at one" with nature!

4. A Fantastic Multicultural Assembly Program!

We had to finish with our best idea because SchoolAssemblies Brands are the leading presenters of school assemblies in the country. Our multicultural assembly entitled, CHRISTMAHANUKWANZAMADAN is perfect to incorporate into your Christmas activities at school. The assembly is appropriate for elementary school students in grades Kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade and not only features the holiday songs that your kids know and love but it also introduces the students to Winter holidays from around the world. This is a fun, rousing, musical adventure that gets your kids singing, makes them happy and enlightens them about holidays celebrated around the world. An absolutely perfect way to start your elementary school's holiday season! And -- for our grand finale -- If your students promise to use their imagination, we make it SNOW right at your school!

Click the link above for complete show information!

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