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A Patriotic School Assembly that celebrates OUR Flag

A Flag Day Celebration - Never Forget Our Flag!

Had a great day yesterday at Allendale Elementary School in Pittsfield Massachusetts. The assembly did not start until the afternoon so I made it a day trip from Huntington Valley Pennsylvania up there and back home. I really don't mind the long drives because it gives me a time to think and reflect on how my assembly went, and how my year has been. Yesterday's school assembly was my Spirit of America show which fell the day before America's Flag day holiday! However, I forgot to mention Flag Day! Rarely do I shock myself, but in this case I did.

Flag Day, June 14th

Flag Day is an often overlooked but oh so important date in the calendar for elementary schools, no-- ALL schools across America. It is a day when patriotism should be celebrated and young people should be taught about the importance of the American flag. For many elementary school students, Flag Day might be the first introduction to the concept of patriotism. It can be a day when they learn about what it means to be an American and to show pride in their country. Flag Day is also an opportunity for elementary school students to learn about the history of the American flag and its significance. In a world where young people are often bombarded with negative messages about America, Flag Day provides a rare chance to focus on all that is good about our country. We should all take time to remember Flag Day and to celebrate the values that it represents. As we approach another Flag day, I vowed to never forget to impress upon the young audience we serve the importance of Flag day. In fact, The lessons learned from this important assembly will hopefully carry over to Flag Day and beyond.

Original Star Spanbgled Banner from Ft. McHenry

An Interesting Take on Patriotism

One of the funny moments from the day was during the school assembly I asked the kids who the current president of the United States is. I always limit this question to kindergarten or first graders because I'm curious to see what they know. My first answer was Abraham Lincoln. My second answer for the current president, was George Washington. My third answer for the current president, was Abraham Lincoln again? I guess they've been studying about Abraham Lincoln. Either that, or the teacher is handing out $5 bills (or more likely... pennies).


Anyway, the most rewarding part of the day happened after the show when the gym teacher came up to me and said "I wish there were more shows like these in school" He went on to tell me that 8 of his 9 uncles fought in World war II and whenever he hears patriotic music it moves him. This is what makes this patriotic school assembly so valuable. It helps instills values so important to our young students. Patriotism is universal and belongs in our schools today, tomorrow and every day . Happy Flag Day!

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