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As a performer, I’m always looking for unique, interesting and fun school assembly ideas. provides school assembly programs for kindergarten through 6th grade school kids and these days, the subject matters from competing school assembly companies range from bike tricks to basketball tricks to light shows. In my own opinion, I don’t feel that these programs should be masquerading as quality, educational or curriculum-based, but as these companies market them, they find that schools sometime require a show that has “actual value.” I am very conscious of maintaining the highest quality shows that are curriculum based and stand the test of teacher and administrative criticism. My anti bullying show school assembly has become one of the most popular on the East Coast and in booked consistently in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia. The next logical step for was to develop a new and exciting science and technology (STEM) school assembly show. That show is called BOT! The Secret Life of Robots.

When I had the opportunity to visit a trade show that was being presented very close to where I live. The Young Innovators Fair in Oaks, Pennsylvania presented hands on booths and exhibits that promoted and introduced STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering or Math programs which targeted kids ages kindergarten through 12th grade.

I am no stranger to the STEM protocol. At we will be expanding the STEM protocol to STEAM which includes the Arts. I have seen a few school assemblies that feature STEM and STEAM, and have been hoping to create a STEM school assembly show that appeals to K-5th grade but have not pulled the trigger because I was not sure of the interest level that a science school assembly or robot school assembly would garner.

The morning of this Young Innovators Fair changed all of that for me. Upon entering the civic center parking lot I was amazed by the sight people, people and more people. Little kids, parents, k-6th grade kids standing in lines in the cold weather waiting to get into the arena. Thousands and thousands of people wanted Robots! After taking a quick spin around the arena to see the interest level and where the kids wanted to be, I decided that I was right all along to begin development on my new interactive Robot School assembly named BOT! Robot school assemblies will be the wave of the future and I’m looking forward to be the first ever Robot assembly in PA and NJ to offer a hands on, interactive and ENTERTAINING show the fits perfectly into the STEM or STEAM based curriculum for 1st through 5th grade kids.

The BOT! show has launched! For information, visit

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