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Youtube makes Bullying Victim the Star

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

This is why I do school assemblies. Logan had been bullied online. He was fed up and wanted to help others, so his dad helped him produce a video blog (posted below). The idea is not an original one -- Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be funny to have celebrities read insulting tweets that they'd recieved. And it was funny. It's funny on a few levels. Celebrities live a lifestyle that to most of us seem foreign. The money, real estate, the parties, the glamour all set us apart from celebrity. Like any insults, The tweets are mean and hurtful, but celebrities live this life. I'm not excusing the activity, I'm just saying that most live with it and accept it as part of their daily life. The celebrites that recieve them understand that and that's why the joke works.

Logan however is different. Logan is not a celebrity. He is a normal kid who, like the rest of us, just tries to make it through life everyday. He wakes up, brushes his teeth and gets on the bus with the other kids. The difference for Logan however is that going to school for him is hell. Just like almost 30,000 kids each day, Logan faces bullying online and at school everyday. He took the extra step to Stand Up and say something about it. His actions were brave and deserve notice. Almost every time I do one of my bullying assemblies for schools, I'm approached by a "Logan." They tell me that they're bullied online, they're bullied on the bus and don't know what to do. Through my school assembly STAND UP STEP IN SPEAK OUT STOP BULLYING! I try to give these kids the skills to deal with the bullying. I also speak to the teachers and parents that interact with these victims each and every day. So i say Bravo to Logan! Make the statement that other kids are not alone out there! If we all STAND UP like the school assembly says -- we can start to change things one kid at a time.

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