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Three Show Discount Package

Save yourself the headache of hours of online search and dozens of phone calls.
SchoolAssemblies Brands, one of the most trusted names in the industry is offering a package of three (3) unique, highly entertaining assemblies at a 20% discounted rate. 

One call.  One contract.  Three quality presentations.  Cover your year -- with ease.




The Secret World of Robots

STEM/STEAM show that introduces kids to the wild world of ROBOTS!

Interactive fun and plenty of demonstrations!


  • Highly polished, Multifaceted Scripted Show

  • Multimedia & Interactive Avatars

  • What exactly IS a robot?

  • Explore the world of “programming”

  • Robots in the “real world”

  • Science, Robots and our future. 

  • LIVE Robot demonstrations and an unmanned drone flight during the show!



What's Covered in Our Assembly on Anti Bullying


•  Recognizing the Bully

•  Strategies for Establishing Anti Bullying            Ideas

•  How it feels to be a victim

• The differences between teasing and                 bullying

• The importance of the bystander

•  Standing up for yourself by being assertive

•   How to avoid the “Bystander to Bully”               syndrome

•   Difference between "telling" and "tattling"


inventor flying through time.png

Time Traveling


Answers these "Age-Old" Questions and More!


Who invented the light bulb?
Who invented electricty?
Who invented peanut butter?
Why did Benjamin Franklin fly a kite?
Who was the most famous African American inventor?
Who invented the Internet?
Are there famous women inventors?

Your students will be stunned and amazed as we get these answers straight from the Inventors themselves!  This school assembly utilizes multi-media and is chock-full of participation, live demonstrations and fun!  

Hip Hop

school assemblies six

Hip Hop


R E S P E C T!

Lack of interpersonal skills and relationships have become the epicenter for problems with today's kids. 
Through this engaging hip hop show,  Reggie stresses to your kids the importance of the "five pillars of good character."  Your kids will be begging to see this show every year!


school assemblies four

Spirit of America!

Give students the gift of patriotism!

  • Show Highlights...

  • The perfect blend of American history and the arts

  • Re-kindle our kids' patriotic spirit!

  • Spotlights the importance of America's servicemen and women

  • Introduces historic figures related to patriotic music

  • Chock full of singing and participation

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STEM shows, Anti-Bullying, Robot Demonstration, Patriotic Music Shows, Inventor Assembly



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Our school assembly entertainment choices cover a wide range of subjects from our most popular hands-on robot show which introduces STEM and STEAM ideas through BOT! The Secret World of Robots. Alternatively, If patriotic music and patriotic songs are your thing --  choose our Spirit of America patriotic music show!   And for pure fun with a great message see Hip Hop Spells RESPECT with DJ Reggie.  All shows are packed with high energy, participation and fun. 

Our latest offering, Time-Traveling Inventors features virtual characters, time-machines and interactive demonstrations. 

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