”This was my first foray as a member of the PTO organizing an assembly and your show more than exceeded my expectations. I had the opportunity to be at school the day after the assembly and some of the kids were still talking about how much fun the assembly was. A few even stopped me to ask when we would be having another assembly with you! “
Roseanne Giudice
Buckland Mills E.S. PTO



This fun & high-energy school assembly focuses on just about every aspect of music you can fit into a school assembly!

Music, music, MUSIC!  Your students can't get enough of it.

Fun, singing and partipation (and more fun!) highlight this show. From rap and hip hop to country and classical, Musicmania brings the cultural arts back to school.  


Utilizing his signature, highly-participatory concert-format, David Jack’s MUSICMANIA school assembly program introduces the kids to different styles of music, briefly discusses music history (in a fun and enlightening way) and demonstrates to his school assembly audience how these sometime “unfamiliar” styles directly relate to the “kids of today.  


David’s elementary assemblies are worthwhile, creative teaching vehicles cleverly disguised as “super-fun” shows!”  He has presented school assemblies in PA and school assemblies in NJ nd NY. Cultural Enrichment Programs are custom tailored to grades k-2 & 3-5.

"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono



  • 100% participation and student engagement.


  • Expands the cultural experience of your students. 


  • Exercises the kids' imagination and stresses its importance in everything they do.


  • Spotlights the importance of creativity and demonstrates how students can harness it.


  • Introduces historic figures and terms related to music.


  • Engages and enlightens through singing and participation.


  • Highlights the close relationship between music and literature.


Call or email anytime using the links above. We're here to answer any questions you might have.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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