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Time-Traveling Inventors

This School Assembly Answers these "Age-Old" Questions and More!

Who invented the light bulb?
Who invented electricty?

Who invented peanut butter?
Why did Benjamin Franklin fly a kite?
Who was the most famous African American inventor?
Who invented the Internet?
Are there famous women inventors?


Your students will be stunned and amazed as we get these answers straight from the Inventors themselves!  This school assembly utilizes multi-media and is chock-full of participation, live demonstrations and fun!  

Imagine stepping into a school assembly where history leaps off the pages and into the present! Our newest school assembly, TIME-TRAVELING INVENTORS, offers students a one-of-a-kind experience to meet and interact with some of the most famous inventors throughout history.



Picture the awe in your kid’s eyes as your high-energy host, Pete Phillips and his wise-cracking virtual-character buddy, COZMO utilize a futuristic time machine and with your students, travel BACK IN TIME to meet and interact with some of history’s greatest inventors!   They speak with cranky but fun, Thomas Edison, the mastermind behind the modern light bulb, or share a laugh with Benjamin Franklin, the kite-flying pioneer of electricity. Watch their curiosity soar as they learn about the ingenious Nancy Johnson, who revolutionized the way we enjoy ice cream, and who invented the internet?  Tim Berners-Lee of course! They'll be fascinated by African-American inventor George Washington Carver's peanuts and inspired by Grace Hopper's groundbreaking work in computer programming. This isn't just an assembly; it's a thrilling journey where the past meets the present, blending education with fun through the magic of time travel.  Interactive game shows, big laughs and hands-on demonstrations make every moment of this technology-rich school assembly show engaging and memorable.  An inventors assembly designed to ignite young minds, sparking a love for innovation and history in a way they've never experienced before!

"Our students met SIX of history's greatest inventors -- in one fun-filled assembly!"

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